At CPR, we value our people according to the pillars of ART: Acknowledgement, Recognition and Trust.



Safety Leader

Admin Division

Imran believes in making effort to know his colleagues as individuals.
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Give us a brief overview of what you do?

I am working in Research Support Unit as a Safety Leader. On top of that, I am also involved with the import and export Shipment.

Many people would describe you as a people person. Tell us more about why you enjoy working with people and what you do to lift up team spirit?

All individuals are unique. It requires some time to know them better as a person. People around us will be motivated when we show care and concern by listening actively and showing compassion. Reading self-help and motivational books do help in uplifting others when we tell them the tune that they love to hear. This in turn will cherish the good relationship between us.

What are the challenges you have at work?

Complying with the Safety Legislations in Singapore is crucial. However, there must be a balance when working in a research environment. If only safety requirement is to be met, research activities may take a step back and this will not be productive in the long run. Thus striking a balance by having constant communication/ discussion with Management will minimize such risk that I have in performing my task. I have to be proactive in anticipating any possible setbacks that would happen especially during the Covid-19 initial situation. Despite first time encountering such a serious pandemic as Covid-19, the exposure in my previous workplace helped me chart out the in-depth CPR Business Continuity Plan.

What do you like most about CPR?

CPR is considered a new organization in Singapore that is led by young and vibrant Managers and Researchers. The Managers and Researchers have a lot of creative ideas in developing medical breakthrough drugs together in collaboration with Chugai Japan staff.
CPR staff are very friendly and you always feel at home immediately. CPR flexible working arrangement allows staff to plan their time well and has allowed maximum potential productivity achieved. The Recreational and Wellness Committee Members always organized interesting events that I always look forward to and love to participate in.
May more CPR research projects achieve milestones and I really would like to witness CPR soar together with other established research institutes in Singapore.

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