CPR builds on the proprietary antibody engineering technology developed by the Chugai Group in order to achieve our goals.

Bispecific Antibody

A bispecific antibody can bind to two different antigens with the two arms of the antibody. Chugai has established bispecific antibody technology to enable large scale manufacturing which was previously highly difficult. Bispecific antibodies can be applied to antagonise two different antigens by a single antibody molecule. Chugai discovered bispecific IgG antibody recognising FIXa and FX, which mimics the function of FVIII, for the treatment of haemophilia A, and reported in Nature Medicine in 2012). Moreover, Chugai discovered that bispecific IgG antibody against tumour specific antigen and T cell antigen such as CD3 can redirect T cell to the cancer cell to kill the tumour, and reported in Science Translational Medicine in 2017). We apply this T cell redirecting bispecific antibody platform to cancer immunotherapy aiming to eradicate tumours from the patients. Bispecific antibody allows us to develop more unique antibody therapeutics that overcome various unmet medical need.

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