Science and Technology

We work on drug discovery by combining our proprietary global top level antibody engineering and cyclic peptide technology and biological hypothesis of disease causing mechanism to solve the unmet medical needs.

Antibody Engineering Technology

Recycling Antibody®

Allows single antibody molecule to bind to an antigen multiple times while conventional antibody can only bind to the antigen once. Applied to FDA-approved product, satralizumab.
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Sweeping Antibody®

The Sweeping Antibody® is a recycling antibody that has been further engineered to bind to FcRn at neutral pH.
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Bispecific Antibody

A bispecific antibody can bind to two different antigens with the two arms of antibody.
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T-Cell Redirecting Antibody

TRAB antibodies target against various tumor antigens.
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Switch Antibody™

Switch-Ig™ is an antibody that specifically binds to the target antigen in the tumor microenvironment.
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