Science and Technology

We discover potential drugs by combining our top-level antibody engineering and cyclic peptide technologies with a comprehension of biological mechanisms to solve unmet medical needs against disease.

Antibody Engineering Technology

Recycling Antibody®

Allows a single antibody molecule to bind to an antigen multiple times while conventional antibodies bind only once. Applied to the FDA-approved product, satralizumab.
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Sweeping Antibody®

The Sweeping Antibody® is a recycling antibody engineered further to bind to FcRn at neutral pH.
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Bispecific Antibody

A bispecific antibody that binds to two different antigens with its antigen-binding sites.
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T-Cell Redirecting Antibody

T-Cell Redirecting Antibodies (TRAB) target various tumor antigens.
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Switch Antibody™

Switch-Ig™ is an antibody that specifically binds to the target antigens in the tumor microenvironment.
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Cyclic Peptide

Allows targeting intracellular protein-protein interactions via oral administration.
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