Science and Technology

We work on drug discovery by combining our proprietary global top level antibody engineering and cyclic peptide technology and biological hypothesis of disease causing mechanism to solve the unmet medical needs.

Therapeutic Modality

Therapeutic modality is a shape or type of medicine defined by its molecular feature.

Before the era of biotechnology, most of the medicines were based on chemical compounds called “small molecule”, with generally having molecular weight of less than 500. The druggable target or the disease using classical small molecule drug was limited.

Biotechnology has opened a new era in the drug discovery. Biotechnology has enabled biotech industry to use recombinant human proteins to treat various diseases. “Monoclonal antibody” is a protein therapeutics that can bind to the target molecule specifically. Now, more than 70 monoclonal antibodies have been approved to treat various diseases. Chugai has pioneered the field of engineered monoclonal antibodies to realize advanced and next generation antibody therapeutics further opening a new era in the drug discovery.

While small molecule drug can be taken orally and penetrate into the cell, it cannot target intracellular protein-protein interaction. On the other hand, while monoclonal antibody drug can target protein-protein interaction, it cannot be taken orally (need to be injected by needle) nor penetrate into the cell. Chugai has pioneered a new field called “Mid-size molecule” with engineered cyclic peptide technology, which can be taken orally, penetrate into the cell and inhibit intracellular protein-protein interaction. Mid-size molecules would allow drugging targets of various diseases that are previously undruggable using small molecules or monoclonal antibodies.

We work on creating innovate drugs engineered antibodies and Mid-size molecules to help patients around the world facing serious illness.

Drugging the Undruggable By Technology

Novel technology enables us to expand from current drug targets and invent drugs with unique mode of action to address unmet medical needs

Chugai’s Proprietary Drug Discovery Technology

Details of Chugai’s proprietary antibody engineering technology to discover novel monoclonal antibody drugs and proprietary cyclic peptide technology to discover Mid-size molecule drugs.

Recycling Antibody®

Allows a single antibody molecule to bind to an antigen multiple times while conventional antibodies bind only once. Applied to the FDA-approved product, satralizumab.
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Sweeping Antibody®

The Sweeping Antibody® is a recycling antibody engineered further to bind to FcRn at neutral pH.
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Bispecific Antibody

A bispecific antibody that binds to two different antigens with its antigen-binding sites.
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T-Cell Redirecting Antibody

T-Cell Redirecting Antibodies (TRAB) target various tumor antigens.
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Switch Antibody™

Switch-Ig™ is an antibody that specifically binds to the target antigens in the tumor microenvironment.
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Cyclic Peptide

Allows targeting intracellular protein-protein interactions via oral administration.
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Our Strategy for Drug Discovery Research

A presentation on our mid-term business plan and strategy for Drug Discovery Research