Our work is always for the greater benefit of the medical community and the health of humanity. This is a value that we share with all our stakeholders.

Creating Shared Value

At Chugai Pharmabody Research (CPR), we adopt a basic policy of creating shared value with our stakeholders with the goal of realizing advanced and sustainable patient-centric healthcare.

In pursuit of this goal, we consider external conditions affecting the healthcare industry including scientific and technological advancements, changing social structures and environmental degradation. Through our work, we aim to create a framework for the next generation of healthcare.

A relentless focus on innovation is the key to creating shared value. By developing innovative drugs and services that can contribute to patients’ health, we can deliver true value that extends beyond treating disease and minimising patient suffering.

While we work to develop pharmaceuticals with a greater degree of efficacy and safety, we also consider other factors such as the quality of life after drug administration, as well as the psychological, physical and financial burdens patients face.

Providing healthcare sustainably will become even more critical as populations age. To play our part in realizing sustainable healthcare, we strive to raise the quality of our activities across all functions through the pursuit of science-based innovation.

Leveraging on our strategic alliance with Roche and harnessing our unique strengths in science and technology, we seek to drive growth for us and the wider society.