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Chor Kun


Protein Production Unit

Chor Kun believes in hard work and continuous learning in acquiring critical thinking skills.
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Can you tell me about your current role at CPR?

I am one of the members of the Protein Production Unit and my main task is to provide purified proteins including antibody and antigen for other units to perform analysis and assessment. A lot of protein purification is involved in my daily work.

Also, I have participated in improving the working capacity and workflow efficiency for the unit. One of the important roles of mine is to ensure that the experimental data and information are properly recorded.

To ensure the high accuracy and precision of data, lab cleanliness is a must. Hence, I am also involved in maintaining cleanness and tidiness in the lab working environment.

Do you have fun working in the lab?

I enjoy working in the lab very much. There would be a lot of difficulties to tackle tricky proteins from different projects. However, I treat all these difficulties as challenges and I felt very satisfied when the challenges are overcome. I have learned a lot through the process of troubleshooting and this helps to increase my experiences in protein purification. Other than that, I appreciate very much that my colleagues are all very helpful. They are willing to help whenever it is needed. A friendly working environment is the most valuable to me!

The biggest challenge you have and how you have overcome?

When I first joined CPR as a fresh graduate, my background in protein purification is not strong enough to tackle challenging proteins. I could only do whatever my superior told me. I wish I could contribute more rather than only listening to instructions. Hence, I read up relevant literature when time allows and learn from senior and superior about troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

What do I like most about CPR?

I like the flexibility provided by CPR in different aspects. First of all, we are allowed to express our opinions and feedback freely and openly. The management team is willing to listen to our feedback and give serious considerations to every single comment from us. Apart from that, I appreciate so much that the HR team introducing Flexi-hour working scheme which allows us to have a better work-life balance.

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