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Feng Shu

Research Manager

Automation & Data Management and Lead Optimisation Units

Feng Shu believes AI is the next generation of research model and could help accelerate the digital transformation of the entire company.
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As team specialized in automation is unique, please briefly explain how your team contribute to the research activity at CPR.

The Automation Unit can oversee all the processes and improve the working efficiency for the entire research functions. For the process itself, the Automation Unit can release our colleagues from boring routine tasks and allow them to have more time for innovative activities. Meanwhile, large data sets could be generated and well documented from these fully automated processes. Incorporating AI is the next generation of the research model, and large data sets are treasures for AI and could help to accelerate the digital transformation of the entire company.

What is your dream as a Researcher?

As a researcher in a pharmaceutical company, I hope I could help to create useful drugs that would fulfill the unmet medical needs of people around the world. Besides creating the drug for disease treatment, I hope our research could also contribute to the entire healthcare field in the future, such as disease prevention, early diagnosis, improving the quality of life of patients as well as basic sciences and societies.

The biggest challenge you have and how you have overcome?

During the Circuit Breaker period, I need to handle a small kid at home and need to hold several meetings at the same time. My husband helped me a lot, and our colleagues and managers are very understanding of the situation. The communication and project progress is quite well during that special period.

How do you enjoy your off-time?

As a young mom, I really enjoy the time to play with my child and see his growth.

What do you like most about CPR?

Chugai is one of the industry leaders in innovation.

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