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Shaalini Subramaniam

Research Associate

Protein Production Unit

Shaalini believes that working on diverse projects has broadened her knowledge and skillsets.
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Tell us about your current role at CPR.

As a member of the Protein Production Unit, my main role is to produce various kinds of high-quality, purified antibodies, and antigens to support the experiments conducted by other units.

Do you have fun working in the lab?

Yes, of course. I see the lab as a place for life-long learning. I get to overcome challenges, gain new insights, and contribute to the progress of the projects. This gives me work satisfaction and motivates me to continue progressing and learning.

Have you grown both professionally and personally at CPR?

CPR has provided me with the opportunity to continuously learn new skills. Through exposure gained from working on different projects, I can better understand the challenges faced in purifying complex antibodies and antigens. This has motivated me on a personal level to improve my productivity and widen my knowledge. Having a positive mindset has enabled me to view any challenges that come my way as an opportunity for me to grow.

What strategies do you adopt to deal with stress at work?

I usually treat myself to a delicious meal or refreshing drinks. Taking long walks helps me to de-stress while spending time with my loved ones keeps me anchored. Going on holidays allows me to rejuvenate myself and come back to work with renewed energy. More importantly, having supportive colleagues makes work less stressful.

What do you like most about CPR?

I like that CPR supports work-life balance through flexi working hour arrangements. There is also a platform for employees to convey feedback and share ideas. This shows that CPR actively engages with employees and values our opinions.

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