CPR is a company that greatly values its role in society. To this end, we continue to participate and involve ourselves in events and activities that let us contribute even more to the community.

Celebrating World Water Day 2023

Celebrating World Water Day 2023

Singapore World Water Day is celebrated throughout the month of March each year through a series of community-driven initiatives to remind us that we must not take the precious resource that is water for granted.  

Supported by the PUB, this annual “Make Every Drop Count” campaign raises awareness on the need for water conservation. Themed “Simple Actions, Sustainable Future”, this year’s campaign reminds everyone to use water wisely. Collectively, we can all make a difference to protect Singapore’s water security.  

2023 marks the second time that CPR is participating in this campaign. As part of our efforts to promote water sustainability, we organised a series of fun activities for our employees to initiate discussion on this topic so our employees could become more informed about water conservation.   

Through a Personal Water Usage quiz, our employees found out which daily activities at home consumed the most amount of water. With this new knowledge, they’ll be encouraged to adopt more responsible water usage habits. 

In another PUB-designed quiz called “Floating Solar Panels – Clean Water from Clean Energy”, our employees gained new knowledge on how Singapore plans to harness more solar energy through solar panels to meet its energy requirements. This includes energy to power Singapore’s local water treatment system.  

Rounding up our activities to mark World Water Day, we encouraged our employees to join the national movement for conservation by organising a blue-themed work day. Many of them turned up in blue on 22 March 2023 in support of this! #GoBlue4SG  

In conclusion, World Water Day is all about creating awareness about the importance of water conservation and sustainability. Each and every one of us can play our part in working towards protecting our planet’s precious resource.