CPR is a company that greatly values its role in society. To this end, we continue to participate and involve ourselves in events and activities that let us contribute even more to the community.

Singapore World Water Day 2022

Singapore World Water Day 2022

Supporting water sustainability to make every drop count 

Singapore World Water Day is an annual water conservation campaign held in the month of March. Organised by the PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, 2022’s “Make Every Drop Count” campaign calls upon us to play our part in ensuring water sustainability. Even simple changes to daily water usage habits count!  

Throughout March, CPR participated in several Singapore World Water Day 2022 activities to highlight the importance of water conservation.  

Knowledge is power, as the saying goes. Do know how much water we use in Singapore in a day? This was one of the questions in a “Test Your Knowledge on Water Supply” quiz which our employees participated in. Besides that, they also attempted a PUB-designed crossword puzzle on water-related general knowledge. Through these activities, our employees walked away with a greater appreciation of the importance of using water efficiently to preserve water sustainability. As a bonus, those who managed to provide all-correct answers received gifts.  

To support the national movement for water conservation, our employees were also encouraged to take part in a Dress in Blue campaign to work on 22 March 2022. From turquoise to navy and peacock blue to indigo, the different shades of blue on display were indeed a sign of appreciation for water sustainability! #GoBlue4SG. 

In conclusion, celebrating Singapore World Water Day and joining the water conservation conversation has allowed us to explore issues related to water security and sustainability. It has also deepened our appreciation for the precious commodity that is water.