July 17, 2023

Building Stronger Bonds Through Team-Building

Teamwork plays a crucial role in helping us to achieve our aspirations. That is why, on 17 July 2023, 112 of CPR employees headed to the SuperPark recreation complex at Suntec City for an exciting team-building outing.

The day began with some light-hearted ice-breaking activities to energize everyone and facilitate interaction between colleagues from different departments. This got everyone in the mood for the rest of the day’s adventures.

Following the icebreakers, we were divided into teams to take on a series of exciting challenges. Each team had to navigate 15 stations to earn valuable points, with the 7 top-performing teams having the honour of claiming exciting prizes. We had to work together to conquer the various challenges and earn as many points as possible.

From street soccer and street basketball to obstacle courses involving the trampoline, pedal car, and more, the various games were all designed to encourage close collaboration. For example, the street soccer activity had an intriguing twist: in each team, two members were blindfolded, and only they were allowed to kick the ball. The remaining teammates had the challenging task of providing verbal instructions to guide their blindfolded counterparts on where to position themselves and where to take their shots.

Many colleagues demonstrated their athletic prowess, leadership and ability to work synergistically during the challenges. Throughout the day, cheers and laughter echoed through the park as the teams gave their all. Those moments served as a reminder that when we come together as a team, anything is possible. The team-building experience left us more closely bonded, and we will certainly carry that spirit of teamwork and camaraderie back with us to our work environment.