Fruits Day

Keeping our employees happy and healthy is important to us! To promote a healthier lifestyle amongst our employees, our Wellness Club kickstarted the Fruits Day initiative in June 2020.

Throughout the year-long initiative, we provided free fruit packs to our employees so they could enjoy that extra dose of vitamins and nutrients at the workplace.

Why fruits? Fruits offer a bountiful of health benefits – they are great-tasting yet rich in nutrients. Besides being a source of natural energy, fruits have essential vitamins, minerals and fibre and contain health-boosting anti-oxidants. Consuming a diet that contains fruits may also help to prevent chronic diseases.

Check out the selection of fresh fruits our employees enjoyed throughout the year-long Fruits Day campaign.

June 2020: Crunchy apples that are high in vitamins
July 2020 and March 2021: Juicy, sweet oranges that are packed with vitamin C
September and December 2020: Energy-boosting bananas that are also good for digestive health
November 2020: Blueberries rich with antioxidants and superb for cardiovascular health
April 2021: Fruit bonanza pack containing a mix oranges, kiwis, cherry tomatoes and more that are all rich in antioxidants and vitamin C

Lastly, here are some fun fruit facts you may not know!

Apples, peaches and raspberries belong to the rose plant family!
A strawberry isn’t a “true” berry … but a banana is!
Apples give you more energy than coffee!